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CRM is an integrated software solution that improves how you interact and do business with your customers. A CRM system improves your sales, marketing, and service divisions, and ultimately your profitability so that you can focus on building and maintaining the customer relationships which matter the most.

The Digital Planets is a Digital Marketing agency that provides full service CRM systems since 2013. We craft engaging websites and deliver successful CRM Applications.Tracking customers’ history with full details about orders & quotations for building a better CRM was hard work, but with The Digital Planets, it is so easy.We have been committed to delivering excellent, innovative digital projects with the highest possible standards by our fully qualified and experienced staff so that you can manage your business relationship, the data, and information associated with them. The Digital Planets provides the CRM solution to many industries like retail, manufacturing, service-based, etc.

Our values are Integrity, Excellence, Teamwork, Security, Communication, Customer, and Entrepreneurship.

Important modules in our CRM Software solutions

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Lead Management

  • Sales Orders

  • Task management

  • Business management

  • Marketing campaign support

  • Social Media

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Maintenance

  • Call Center

  • Project Management

  • Help Desk Modules

  • Documents Management

  • Inventory management

  • Mail Management

  • Calendar

Components of ABC’s CRM Software in INDIA

  • SALES CRM Software

  • MARKETING CRM Software



  • SOCIAL CRM Software

  • MOBILE CRM Software


CRM Solution for Manufacturer

CRM solutions of ABCCompany can help reduce the time required to develop products from the beginning, in order to enable more accurate demand forecasting with better product information. By acting fast and efficiently, you can get products in the market in front of your competitors and can achieve a competitive edge. Your company can produce high-quality products consistently and efficiently as well as you can collect and analyze data from multiple sources and understand process errors in real time, which contributes to product defects.


Other Key features of our CRM solution for manufacturing Company are as follows

  • Overall and 360 degree views of customers

  • Resources and Content Tracking

  • Accounting / Contact Management

  • Advanced Customer Service

  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction

  • Promotes productive sales and marketing crew

  • Skilled area and relationship management

  • Automated Product Tracking

  • Quote management

  • Organize sales and order process

  • Skilled sellers, inventory, and order management

Call Center CRM Software Solutions

CRM for call center is a multi-channel cloud-based helpdesk solution that provides all the functionality a call center needs, including inbound call center software and outbound call center software features, internal calls, hardware phone support, IVR Solution ,IVR Voice Blaster & ROBO Call . Call Center CRM Software allows you to provide customer support through WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Calling.

How The Digital Planets can help in your business?

As call centers always evolve to bring an Omni-channel customer skill that includes message through several kinds of digital networks, linking the gap between CRM systems and call center procedures becomes more vital. Staffs need an Omni-channel agent desktop, which can obviously provide all applicable customer information on one screen and anywhere you want. You can be effortlessly integrated with CRM applications to provide agents with the accurate information at the true time.

With The Digital Planets , you can effortlessly integrate your CRM system into:

  • Custom-made customer experience

  • Provide agents with complete insights into the customer journey

  • Manage Omni-channel interaction

  • Prioritize and deliver work items based on the availability and skills of business representatives

CRM for E-commerce Industry

The Digital Planets e-commerce CRM system provides a business with as much information as possible to our customers: shopping habits, interests, shipping priorities etc. Our efficient CRM solution gives a clear customer travel map for online stores so that you can come up with better marketing strategies and increase sales. In simple words, The Digital Planets CRM solution for e-commerce or online retailers helps you gather, organize, store and analyze information about your company’s customers.

Benefits of CRM software for E-commerce Companies

  • Improve customer experience- offer order status updates, inventory checks, and shipment tracking, customers’ needs.

  • Advanced Marketing & Promotion- enhances all marketing activities through email marketing or direct.

  • Improve sales team performance- access to orders, payments, and even the customer details seen in the products, customers’ previous sales history.

  • Better list planning and forecast- allows you to use actual sales data to forecast for manufacturing, sourcing and sales purposes.

Healthcare CRM Software

Does the healthcare industry need a CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT system to help them? CRM can facilitate patient – centered healthcare. Having a CRM system that can track your patients, medications that provide care, and other important information can help you understand a patient’s condition. From a micro point of view, CRM can provide you with a patient health chart. At the macro level, this allows you to extract data about the overall customer base, which can help you make better decisions about your business as a whole.

Features of CRM software for healthcare

  • Build Communication Path.

  • Automate Daily Tasks

  • Reduction Of Expenses

  • Cost Effective

  • Transparency Of Data

  • Improve Decisions Efficiency

Why do you choose The Digital Planets for CRM Software?

The Digital Plantes is tailored to insights for the specific needs of sales and customer service teams, Integrates with thousands of third-party applications, and builds User-friendly mobile apps.

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